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ELF, (Environmental Life Force) the radical environmental cadre was formed in 1977 in Santa Cruz, California.  In the 1990's, the Earth Liberation Front copied the ELF acronym.  Using arson as a tactic, this cloned version of the Original ELF has caused millions of dollars in property loss and placed the lives of firefighters at risk.  According to the FBI, the new group has become the leading domestic terrorist organization.  Recent arrests indicate that the "new" ELF is traveling down the same ill-conceived path taken by the original ELF over a quarter-century earlier.  The following photos and news clips are from the early days of the original ELF...
Above: fundraiser tee shirt graphic by AWEST in 1978
Below:  A copy of a 1985 note to ELF founder, John Hanna from Earth First! founder, Dave Foreman.  Hanna had written to Foreman requesting financial assistance to conduct research on the SS Columbia Eagle hijacking in Cambodia in 1970.  In exchange for financing, Hanna offered exclusive rights to publish an account of the ELF eco-guerrilla defense unit which disbanded in 1978.  In the 1990's, members of Earth First! copied the ELF acronym and started the Earth Liberation Front.   
Photo: Bill Lovejoy/Santa Cruz Sentinel
John Hanna, aka "The Old Elf", Skipper of the Research Vessel Ed Ricketts, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, California State College, in Santa Cruz harbor, 1978.

ABOVE:  The Old ELF in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.  July, 2010

Above from: "OPEN ROAD", vol #4, Aug. 1977, Vancouver, B.C.
"Our earth can't be "liberated" - it's not some experimental lab animal that needs to be set free.  Earth needs to be nurtured; she needs to be protected and defended.  Arson and willful destruction has nothing to do with being an environmental activist.  An environmentalist must - by definition - act in harmony with the Life Force."  Old Elf, 2003

Elfin Talisman by John Phillps/ Metalwork by Tom Van Horn

   "We have probed the earth, excavated it, burned it, ripped things from it, buried things in it, chopped down its forests, leveled its hills, muddied its waters and dirtied its air.  That does not fit my definition of a good tenant.  If we were here on a month-to-month basis, we would have been evicted long ago."  ROSE BIRD, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court

Photo: Nancy Foote/Greenpeace

The late Dr. Robert Van Den Bosch, professor of entomology and chairman of the Division of Biological Control, U.C. Berkeley, and John Hanna at an anti-pesticide rally in San Francisco, 1978.

Above - John Hanna today

"Man has lost the capacity to foresee and forestall.  He will end by destroying the earth."  Albert Schweitzer

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